To put your brand in the best possible light, we create innovative, multichannel ideas that are grounded in a solid strategy and tailored to your target audience. That is our formula for long-lasting success. And at the end of the day, it’s the results that count.
Both for you, the client, and us as the agency.
Here’s a selection of our greatest hits. The projects that we’re most proud of.

The perfect blend of authenticity, identity and provocation

Inspiration is everywhere. You just have to follow art, culture or simply listen to what people are talking about on the street.
But it’s not just about understanding the zeitgeist. It’s just as important to keep your ear to the ground and move in the same circles as your target audience, getting a feel for what they’re into and what trends they are following. It’s about going native: Cultural insight is key to creating real added value in our comms. We use the perfect mix of authenticity, identity and provocation to find the right language for your product, creating communications that are relevant, today and tomorrow.


• Consumer Event

• Corporate Event

• Press Event

• Influencer Event

• Social Media Event

• Digital Live Events

• Interactive Events

• Conference & Meetings

• Product Launches

• Incentive


• Consumer Promotion

• Sales Promotion

• Social Media Promotion

• Digital Brand Activation

• Festival Activation

• Roadshow

• Guerilla Activation

• Flashmobs

• Mystery Shopping

• Trend-scouting


• Pop-up Stores

• Brand Architecture

• Exhibition Design/Construction

• Virtual/Digital Brand Worlds

• Digital Brand Experiences

• Retail Design

• Temporary Architecture

• Showroom Design

• Creator Space & Studio Design

• Event Design

Digitization is blurring the lines between different media

Today, brands operate in a media landscape with fewer and fewer borders. It’s not enough for brands just to communicate. Now the consumer is in charge of their own media consumption so it’s important to make each communication fun and engaging – so that when the consumer discovers it, they enjoy the experience and look forward to seeing more from your brand.
A cross-media approach allows us to create integrated experiences and maximize the reach and engagement of the communication. This in turn helps amplify market relevance and brand impact.

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Lead Expert Concept
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We make every communication an experience and build brand love. Events are a great marketing platform because they generate excitement naturally and reach people in the most direct way possible.

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Expert Business Development
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Looking for a partner who goes the extra mile, who can help you get your message to the right target audience and who can achieve emotional impact and reach? Well look no further. Our agency has the perfect combination of creativity and execution – and we’re only a phone call away.

RÜCKENWIND is a brand experience agency and an experienced partner across all forms of direct marketing. In events, we offer a wide spectrum of services from sales promotions to brand architecture. We have expertise in pop-up stores, guerilla marketing and creating brand worlds as well as in producing classic events like in-house corporate events, press events, trade events, partner events, meetings and conferences. Naturally, we also have long experience in putting on product launches and showcases, gala events like awards shows, company anniversary celebrations, and trade fair branding and events. We can also integrate digital tools across all touchpoints of the customer journey to provide a holistic experience. This includes event apps and digital attendee management, interactive exhibits, VR/AR technology and even completely virtual events in a digital space. In whichever space we’re working in, our approach never changes. Based on comprehensive brand insight, we use relevant content and authentic experiences to engage people. For live communication scenarios like workshops, seminars, management training sessions (using the train-the-trainer model), sales training events, digital events or street promotions, we can find the right coaches, speakers, moderators, artists and promoters. Meanwhile, if you’ve got a board-level meeting or a team building event to organize, you will definitely need an experienced team to facilitate on the day, find the right location and ensure that the workshops and training courses are engaging. Our events architects have created brand worlds for a huge variety of events, target audiences and locations. Whether you’re looking for help with a trade fair stand, showroom, retail design or a module for a roadshow or festival, we are bursting with ideas for the interior design, construction, interactive elements and décor of your project. We are at your service. Take advantage of our skills in vehicle modification, container fit-outs and stage building as well as in designing pop-up installations. Whether you need a promotional vehicle or food truck, a design for your exhibit or a digital event, we would love to help.