Our client IDnow wanted to reward its best customers by inviting them to an informative networking and speaker event in an inspiring environment. RÜCKENWIND was brought in to make it happen.


For the event location, we settled on Upside East in Munich. With its vantage point over the city, the venue was the perfect place to share an exciting vision of the future. The host of the event, IDnow, was to moving beyond its core business and going from ‘ID now’ to ‘ID future’. Soon, the company will not just be checking identities but tapping into the enormous potential of a networked world. At this IDnow customer event (the company’s first), we took guests on a fascinating journey into the future of networking with keynote speakers, exciting panel discussions and an inspiring grand finale designed to bring the theme of "Beyond" to life. The event ended with a well-attended networking evening plus a dinner buffet and party.


‘Networking’ ¬was the name of the game here, not just in terms of technology but a real-life event where 150 guests mingled, learned and got inspired about the future.