Our challenge was to tackle cancer awareness while staying true to the Sloggi brand. Sloggi is all about individuality and expression so we couldn’t be too serious. We decided on an integrated brand event with social media and influencers to maximize its reach and longevity.


We broached the topic of breast cancer Sloggi-style in partnership with the charity DKMS LIFE. Based around the slogans, ‘awareness for breast cancer" and "awareness for your own personality’, we put on a high-quality event full of courage, personality, individuality and a good dose of humor. Viviane Geppert came on board as the host along with five other prominent influencers, including Ricardo Simonetti.

Sloggi brand ambassador Nikeata Thompson and her crew, Graham Candy & Sarah Mouldon, plus guests such as "2 women, 2 breasts" and the influencer carolionk (Caro Kotke) also joined in and added spice to the discussion. With a 45-minute stage show, the event was as far from a friendly fireside chat as can be and even the food was a bit out there. We took our 120 prominent attendees & micro-influencers on a gastronomic tour of the senses. The central theme was taking care of yourself and finding yourself through your senses through art, food and music.


Good deeds are worth sharing – but it’s best when others start sharing it first! The event was full of positive smiling faces and influencers doing unexpected things. Sloggi showed off its social responsibility credentials while being entirely authentic.