The Taste the Difference tour wanted to communicate the pleasure of coffee and the fact that Nespresso is sustainable! Our task was to take those messages and serve them to the outside world.


The tour was based on three pillars: taste, look, and origin. To showcase the full spectrum of flavors, we not only had the most popular Nespresso types on offer but we also used highly-trained baristas to chat to visitors, providing information with a sprinkle of lighthearted humor. After all, a Nespresso isn’t your average coffee: Presentation counts and each Nespresso is a work of art. And because provenance matters, we designed cup sleeves to tell people more information. And since sustainability matters too, we ensured that all cups could be recycled with reCup.
We decided to target festivals that had a synergy with our brand values. And, with a wide variety (both indoors and outdoors) to choose from, we could be selective about the ones we visited: in north Germany, we went to HH Cruise Days and the Summertime festival on Norderney and in the south, we visited Sommernachtstraum om Munich and Eat&Style in Düsseldorf.
And how did we get around? Well, you can’t turn up at a festival without a mobile stand so we built our very own branded trailer which toured Germany for almost nine months.


With 61 event days across Germany, our baristas served a total of 21,500 joyous, artisanal, and frankly delicious coffees.