ARD Sportschau is one of the most successful and long running programs on German TV. Our task was to engage ARD’s community – and a younger audience in particular – by creating an event spin-off of the popular show.


ARD has always brought sport into people’s living rooms but now we would do the opposite: take a living room to sports events! Our ARD Sportschau Living Room took center stage at all major sporting events in Germany from the DFB Cup Final, to the Tour de France, to the FIS Downhill Skiing World Cup. It was right at the heart of the action, providing fans with an inspiring mix of interviews, interactive entertainment and a stage show. The design of the living room set and program were adapted to each sport and, through frequency tracking, lead generation and online and offline competitions, we were able to set measurable KPIs.


The Sportschau Living Room engaged sports fans of all ages at some of the main events in Germany’s sporting calendar. At the DFB Cup Final 2017, we achieved a net coverage of 18,834 people with a fantastic 33% interaction rate