Daiichi-Sankyo wanted to educate and inspire 240 employees about a new cardiovascular medicine the company was launching. However, COVID-19 restrictions meant that we couldn’t organize a physical event, so instead we decided to create an online one with an intriguing and exciting theme.


We sent the company’s employees on a joint space mission where they would be solving a series of problems by working as a team. Their destination was an international space station where participants and instructors from six European countries would embark on an intergalactic adventure together.
As part of their preparation for the mission, we sent astronaut kits to the employees’ home offices to set the scene and get them in the mood. The program of the two-day event was designed to be both educational and entertaining, consisting of exciting live sessions, an engagement wall, a space mission game and a keynote speech given by an astronaut. We also put on a virtual live concert for the space explorers to unwind and have fun.


Creating an engaging story proved a great way of building interest in the new product. The entire communications campaign lasted 12 weeks and kept people engaged with a mixture of storytelling, high-quality content and interactive elements. We also managed to ensure that everything felt live and immediate by blending pre-recorded and live content in a clever way. Overall, this was an exciting new format and we are happy to say that the countdown for the next mission has already started!