For the sales team at Alter Leipziger – Hallesche Konzern, digital transformation have posed a range of challenges to how they work and communicate. The company’s annual kick-off meeting would normally be attended by employees throughout the whole region: Would it be possible to hold the meeting digitally? And how would they manage to build team spirit in an online setting?


For the annual kick-off meeting, 350 employees joined digitally from the company’s offices and remotely from home offices and mobile locations. The agenda for the day was rather unique as it had been crowd-sourced using ideas and themes gathered from the staff in advance. Attendees were then able to watch the event they had co-created on a live stream. A moderator was there to get things rolling and a stage was set up that looked identical to previous events. While the stage offered continuity, we also put on warm-ups and a yoga class during the day to mix things up a bit. Last but not least, a concert was streamed from a Frankfurt music venue so that attendees could rock out from the comfort of their sofas.


The first interactive conference of its kind proved that it is possible to inject a bit of emotion into a digital experience. People could listen, learn and laugh; and some attendees were practically moved to tears by the live concert! Because everything was happening live, there was still a big sense of togetherness despite everyone being miles apart. The digital event may have had an even greater impact than we could have achieved offline because employees could see the power of digital in action.