The HR software provider Personio is one of Germany's most valuable unicorns - and supports more and more companies in digitising their HR processes. This relieves the burden on HR departments and creates more time for the important HR topics. How can we make this success story even better known in the HR departments of medium-sized companies with a live marketing campaign?


Good Morning HR! We send our Personio HR Angels equipped with breakfast packages on tour in four cities and sweeten the start of the day with a healthy surprise. Two specially trained brand ambassadors spread fresh Personio start-up spirit across the country with our HR Breakfast Roadshow - directly into the HR departments of well-known companies. Our box contained all the ingredients for an extra portion of HR power: delicious fruit and superfoods and a voucher for special HR coaching.


On the road for a breath of fresh air in HR: Throughout Germany, we visited 117 companies and gave 140 times an extra portion of HR power. With this charming live action, we reached important decision-makers personally - despite the restrictions of the pandemic, which made planned live events impossible at that time. Thus, our mini brand experience became a successful door opener for all further sales activities.