Our client was a Hamburg jeweler but it wasn’t just any jeweler – this was Bucherer, the international jeweler par excellence. The store, which is a primary port of call for buyers of luxury jewelry and watches from Hamburg and beyond, has a long history in the city. Now, the store was going to be extended and renovated before being made the company’s flagship store. The opening was be a momentous occasion which needed an event to match.


Our bespoke opening event was rooted firmly in the brand’s core DNA and designed to complement the launch campaign. The theme for the day was "Reflecting Hamburg". We put on a feast for the senses combining everything that Bucherer and the city of Hamburg stood for. Every guest was personally welcomed by the management before being offered modern, extremely-refined Hamburg delicacies. Extra sparkle was provided with a story told with sand, a reflective art performance and the host for the evening, Mareile Höppner.


The event was a shining success. 150 famous guests marveled at the artful performances but they reserved their biggest admiration for the elegantly converted store.