Our client ZF was opening a new building at Schweinfurt but instead of simply cutting a red ribbon, we needed an event with ‘e-motion’.


We’ve done many building opening events but the new e-mobility center in Schweinfurt was special – the center represents the economy of the future and it is housed in a pioneering building as well (for example, it has a slide as well as a flight of stairs). It was clear that the venue had to be the amazing building. We set up the décor, equipment, and lights. For the VIP event in the morning, we put up an informative exhibition on e-mobility with electrifying stage decorations, arranged a guided tour through the production hall and set up a meeting area. The mayor and the head of the e-mobility division got proceedings under way with speeches on the future of mobility. In the afternoon, 400 employees arrived to join in with the celebrations, including creating an artwork using tape.


The event went very well without a red ribbon. The sun was out, the atmosphere was relaxed and everyone had a great time – pure e-motion for the VIPs and ZF’s employees.