These days, everyone knows Glossybox – the home delivery beauty box surprise with body and face cosmetics loved by women. But back then, it was still relatively unknown. We therefore needed to make the product stand out at a trade fair. It had to be unique and desirable while being as close to the actual product possible.


We decided to go big, making a life-sized, walk-in Glossybox with everything held together by a ribbon just like the real box. The installation was a way to inform people about the product categories but, thanks to our highly detailed recreation, you could immediately get the concept too. With an open design to lure passers-by inside, the box could be entered from all four sides, with plenty of surprises in store. For example, on one side there was a lucky dip Glossybox WIN machine to provide fun and the excitement of picking up prizes. On another, we created an LED wall where information about the products could be displayed. Finally, at the center of the box was another box containing a lounge area for conversations and coffee.


Big box, XXL success. The ingenious and versatile brand experience exceeded everyone’s expectations.