Cracking briefs as a team. Putting it all on the line for the project. Building brands. These are the things that get us out of bed in the morning. Hierarchy? Not really our thing. We’d far rather work side by side with our clients and focus on results instead.
We are bold, provocative, original, and most importantly human. We draw upon a perfect blend of experience, creativity, flexibility and reliability. Our attitude to work is: We think it’s best to be bold, loud and colorful. Don’t you agree?
Our team is made up of events experts and passionate doers from different backgrounds. The main thing we have in common is that we love what we do and don’t lose sight of the bigger picture.
We are razor-sharp strategists, savvy architects, excellent project leaders and gifted creatives. We also have an entire network of artists, wordsmiths and musicians on call – see our tape art logo or self-built bar if you need proof...

Our logo is so us

Our logo is actually completely home-made, crafted by our team with tape – or tape art, as it’s known in craft circles. We got everyone at the agency to inject a bit of their own personality and creativity. The end result was the new RÜCKENWIND logo, which definitely has a built-in wow factor and was a lot of fun to make too.
Ready, steady... tape. The first task was to use a variety of different tape colors and sizes to make a graffiti-like collage which became our new logo and insignia. We then added a tailor-made typeface to complete the picture.
A team is no more than the sum of its individual parts, as proved by part two of the tape art session. This was a free-for-all where everyone could let their creative juices flow and make their very own picture. These same designs are now found on our logo and business cards, each of which bears a unique motif by one of our team and represents our belief in the power of teamwork. Success!

Shaken or stirred? On the rocks.

With so much hard work and creative thinking going on, sometimes we need to let off some steam. To do that, we’ve developed a special kind of relaxation therapy.
Late in the afternoon, the scent of lavender wafts into every corner of our office, drawing everyone down to our (homemade) cellar bar.
We go inside and there it is: the RÜCKENWIND ON THE ROCKS.
Created by Markus Bublak, one of the best and most famous barkeepers and in Germany, we now have our very own signature cocktail.
Made from dry gin, maraschino, lemon juice and cane sugar syrup and lavender, the new cocktail has a distinctly summery vibe. And the lavender flavor is as refreshing as the first summer evening spent outdoors with friends.
We think it’s the best way to relax after a successful pitch. Prost!

Passion is our recipe for success.

We are a young and hungry agency. Passionate about our ideas, dedicated to our work and committed to each other as a team – across all our offices. A strong team dynamic means that we are really one big family, including shopping for food and cooking and eating together. Often, we’ll be unleashing our inner foodies with dishes like avocado and tuna bowls or lemony prawn pasta.
But some evenings, we’ll just put on a simple spread of bread, butter and beer – perhaps with a sprinkle of chives, radishes or tomatoes as a garnish – and get together in our cellar bar for a drink and a couple of games of table football. By the way: according to house rules, you have to crawl under the table if you lose 10-0.

We reap what we sow.

There is no better feeling than creating something new. Our projects start out with a seed – in the form of briefing or an idea – and that grows into something amazing. We treat our talent the same way, helping them grow into their role bit by bit. Each new starter at the agency gets assigned a work parent to offer advice and support during their first few weeks. That includes a tour of the agency and a sit-down meal with the work parent.

Growth is important at every level of the organization, which is why we do lots of joint exercises from team workshops to strategy days and why we created the RÜCKENWIND ACADEMY. The team-bonding exercises involve tackling some kind of challenge as a team, whether it’s getting creative with paint, tending the garden on the terrace at our Cologne office or building our very own cellar bar in Munich.