Volvo is the world leader for vehicle safety. And it has years of crash test data to prove it. Our task was to communicate this to their target audience with a viral campaign. In other words, we had to avoid dry technical data and have some fun.


Physical work is tough and sometimes you need to take a break to recover. We thought that, because the crash test dummies had done such a good job helping Volvo develop the world’s safest car, they deserved a vacation. So, we sent them off to Munich on a road trip accompanied by a camera crew. The dummies set off on an exciting journey through the city of Munich. Seeing such bizarre-looking tourists got the locals to smile and point, which we gladly captured on camera for our digital audience.


The brightly colored yellow tourists became the talk of the town of Munich. And it wasn’t long before the internet took notice too. Our campaign managed to rack up more than 20,000 YouTube and Facebook views.