Amazon's ultra-fast delivery service Amazon Prime Now is coming to Germany. For awareness, the launch is created with a street promotion and a video for social networks.


Amazon Prime Now delivers thousands of products ultra-fast and conveniently in a 2-hour window. For this arrow-fast service, which is offered in Berlin and Munich, there is special delivery packaging: the Prime Now bags. We wrap our promoters in XXL Prime Now bags and have them walk around downtown as larger-than-life shipping packages. The message is clear: "You've just been passed by the 1-hour delivery" is written on the bag costumes. The appropriate response on the back: "Too fast? How about the 2-hour delivery window between 8am and midnight." While the promoters in Munich are wearing dirndls and handing out gingerbread hearts, the promoters in Berlin are getting ready for their sprint to become Germany's fastest delivery.


A funny video that charmingly conveys the benefits of Amazon Prime Now. With this eye-catching campaign, we attracted many curious glances and received positive personal feedback and on media.